As Covid-19 restrictions have now changed, I can offer a limited number of face to face appointments. Please contact me for further details.

Empowering + Self-change

If you are reviewing this website, you have already taken your first step towards positive self-change. The most liberating step you will ever make.

Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Mind techniques are designed to support you to manage the life changes which you aspire to achieve, enabling you to lead the life that you choose. Positive Personal Change.

I offer an individualised approach, to all my clients. This is based on the information shared by the client during our sessions. You know the difficulties you face. You may not be aware how these challenges have reached the level that they are at, greatly influencing your mood and behaviour. Home, Work, School, Illness, Relationships, Fear to name but a few can generate feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, depression and more. These negative feelings erode the quality of your life causing debilitating inner conflict.

The challenges depicted below portray some of the life worries Counselling and/or Hypnotherapy & Mind Techniques can help minimise

I have wide ranging experience, skills and knowledge in dealing with perinatal challenges, children’s worries, sports performance and autistic spectrum strategies.

Deciding the most appropriate route to free yourself from unwanted emotions such as guilt, worry, self-consciousness, limiting fears and phobias can be a daunting decision to make.  You must feel confident, trusting that the therapist will offer the most beneficial advice and service to meet your unique pattern of behaviours and emotions. Taking these first steps towards achieving your latent potential requires you to ensure that you connect with a regulated, qualified, experienced, enhanced-disclosure checked practitioner who will prioritise your needs and stimulate your inner resources.